Affordable Tree Services in Athens, Georgia

White Oak Tree Service provides affordable and reliable tree services in Athens, Georgia for both residential and commercial properties.

Tree Cutting Services

Part of the attraction Athens has incredible trees. Our team understands the value of preserving the natural beauty of our city. However, there are times when trees need to be pruned or removed to maintain a safe and healthy environment. At White Oak Tree Service, our mission is to make tree services simple, convenient, and cost-effective.

Our Tree Services

With a certified arborist on staff, we offer a range of tree services for businesses and homeowners, including:

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Tree Inspections

Not every tree needs to be completely removed. Our experts will inspect the tree and give you honest feedback about its safety and provide solutions to save as much of the tree as possible.

Call us for our tree inspection services today.

Tree Pruning

Pruning your trees is not only a great way to eliminate risks of falling branches and property damage, but it’s excellent for the overall health of your trees. Our tree technicians will safely trim and cut any dead or hazardous branches to promote healthy growth while securing your property from falling limbs. Call us if you need your tree trimmed.

Tree Removal

If your trees absolutely need to be removed, let White Oak Tree Company do the job. We take a “leave no trace” approach with our tree removal service.

We have the expertise and experience to safely remove any trees that pose a danger to your property.

Stump Grinding

After a tree has been removed, the remaining stump can be unsightly and even hazardous. Stump grinding is a quick and efficient way to get rid of tree stumps, allowing you to reclaim your outdoor space. We will safely and effectively grind down the stump, leaving your property clear and level.

Why Call White Oak Tree Service?

There are many reasons to call us for all your tree care needs. Here are the most important reasons to go with us:

  • We stand behind our work. We want 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do. If what we do isn’t right, we’ll do everything we can to fix it. It’s as simple as that.
  • We are properly insured so there’s never any risk for homeowners to work with us.
    While there are tree service companies that block off roads and involve a lot to cut the trees, we do all we can to leave a small footprint in our work.
  • We work with all types of trees.

Our Goal

We take great pride in everything we do. Our goal is to give all our customers 100% and let our passion for trees come through. If you read our Google reviews, you’ll see that we approach every job with integrity, expertise, and a desire to do right by our customers. If something we do isn’t right, we’ll do everything we can to make it right- every time.

The three words that define our company are:

  • Safety
  • Stewardship
  • Service

Contact us today for tree care, and let us show you what customer service really looks like.

The Cost Of Tree Removal

Our tree cutting services are much cheaper compared to other tree removal companies. While the average cost of simple tree removal around Athens falls into a price range from $1500-$2500, we offer affordable solutions for your tree service needs.

Other Services We Provide

While we specialize in tree care services, White Oak Tree Company also provides related services such as:

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Let our team take care of your lawn as well as your trees. We provide weekly or bi-weekly lawn care, mowing, edging, and hedge trimming services.

Landscape Design

If you need help planning the backyard of your dreams, our team has the expertise to help you with landscape design services. Contact us today to get started on having the yard of your dreams.


Part of planning the perfect yard includes the use of hardscapes such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, outdoor living areas, and more.


Light grading services areideal if you need to level a small area or prepare a site for construction. Prepare for building by ensuring a smooth, level finish.

Our Service Area

We have worked with customers all around Clarke and Oconee Counties. We have happy customers in Athens, Winder, Statham, Madison, Monroe, Watkinsville, and more. If you live near these areas, don’t hesitate to give us a call for all your tree service needs.

You’ll find that we’re one of the most affordable tree companies around.

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